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Six years ago, I created The Puzzalarium: the very first Escape Room in San Diego, and one of the first in the country. Well. 26th. But still.

Since then it has gone on to win multiple awards for the games it has played host to over the years, some of which now operate in franchises internationally. Through it all, our games have the same philosophy:

Games are stories

Narratives come from the interaction of player with each other, themselves, and the game itself. Players are storytellers and listeners at the same time.

Games are Interesting Choices

Good games come from engaging narratives. The hallmark of an engaging narrative is exploring possibility space. And you get that from the choices that the designer makes available to their players.

Games are for Everyone

The most amazing and intricate mechanics mean nothing to a player that never sees it. We make games always with gamers and non-gamers in mind, always looking to bring in new players.


Our Games

We do games of all kinds, from events to Escape Rooms, video games, party games and more.

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The Puzzalarium

Escape Room Facility

The Floor is Lava

Room-Scale Social Deduction

15x30ft boardgame


Party Trivia Game

Now Available

Earth Ascendant

MegaGame Series

Hear/Say Megagame

Murder Mystery

MegaGame Series

The Parlour

Award winning Narratve

Escape Room

The Boiler Room

Escape Room


The Study

Our Very First Escape Room



I always have time to talk to interesting people. Custom games or events, as well as licensing and other inquiries are always welcome.


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