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The fast trivia party game about gigantic numbers!

Ages 12+

For 4 to 12 players at once!

Teach it in Seconds

15 minutes to play

Which is larger?
The square footage of the world's biggest factory? Or the carrying capacity of the largest ship?
Bajillions is a light party game about fascinating facts, gigantic numbers, and bluffing your friends!
Limited Quantity finally available!
Bajillions has been published by Ginger Fox games and you can buy a copy direct from us now!

Limited-Edition Small Batches Now Available!

Fascinating facts

Did you know there's gold dissolved in the ocean? And a lot of it? What's the most expensive object ever made? The game has 80 brilliant and unique trivia facts that you won't find in any other trivia game, all with proper citations.


You'd think that you would start to memorize the numbers but this wasn't the case in our testing. Even playing against game designers, other people did well.

Smart and Snappy

Teach it in three sentences, play a game for as short or long a time as you want!
Such beautiful cards!
at GamerCon, SD

We experienced feelings up to and including joy whilst we played BAJILLIONS. We did not really say this phrase exactly or even any of these words, but the fact that some of us stayed for two hours to keep playing does seem to insinuate that.

Stockphoto Lady
Doodle inc.

It's so good! If I wasn't fictional, I would buy it! Instead I am JPEG.


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